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I want her always. I want her to be just mine. The untouched, the rare, the pure and wholesome. I want just her for just me. That is how I want her. Yet, I want to try and experience other things. I want to revel in the bodies of those who allow me to enter them. I quake with thirst to try and feel something that is missing in me. It is after I had cum and I allow myself to shudder over these bodies, I think of her. My thumb sliding across her bottom lip and into her warm mouth. It is then I feel the most empty and worthless. To her I am joy and to her I am hero. To her I am love and wholesome and innocent. In her eyes I feel love. How can I get that? I can I keep her there, just like that. How can I keep her to stay how I want her to stay? I play games. I do. I keep her locked so she will not move. I come home to her warm and delicate, she is always full of grace. I want to keep her and never share her the way she thinks she has me. I am torn into bits when she knows how hurt I am and torn even more that she cares for such a monster like me. I’m terror to a heart like hers. She never knows. Will she?