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Loving company

I understand what’s important isn’t my health or your health. I can tell because of the way you spend your nights “relaxing” filling up your stomach and poisoning your body with every drink. Just sitting there wasting away. Just sip after sip. You and her have that and so much more in common, right? It’s because together you both resonate the loneliness when misery loves company.


Death or something like it.

When the news is grim it’s hard to accept. Learning that someone you love wants to give up, it hurts. My best friend’s grandma who has always been just as much of a grandma to me is letting go and refusing anymore treatment. All of her life she has been an extremely strong willed woman and independent which makes it difficult to understand how weak she feels. Worst of all she refuses to have anyone, but her daughter and her granddaughter see her in such state- she wants to be remembered differently. A lot of emotions ran through me when I heard that I could not visit her, that she wouldn’t want to see anyone else she loves. I know I have to respect her and I understand her request, but it’s still difficult to overcome that wish. I want to be selfish and see her so badly. It is a painful limbo that she is experiencing.